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Comcast Comments

Angelaharris says: (6 months ago)
Horrible experience, untrained and uninformed representatives.. two scheduled tech visits never showed called 4x one of which was hung up on.. wasted a total of 90mins over the phone and two trips to local office wait time was ridiculous only two people at counter. Was given two defected tv boxes three weeks from beginning to end with no service and still received a bill. Took my business else where will never have Comcast again, prior to this last attempt to begin new service at a new location I had been a customer for serval times over the past 10 years NEVER AGAIN. As a local business owner I will tell all my customers, friends and family of my experience and recommend another provider

uname says: (3 years ago)
pray to God for not having you in condition when you have to call them. they always provide you wrong information and your problem never get resolved with them. I HAVE TO CALL 20 TIMES EVEN THEY COULDN'T RESOLVE MY BILLING QUESTION.
after 5 request their SUPERVISOR never gave me call.
it started my move to new location.
1) they shipped all the equipment, while i had my nodem and setup box.
2) my online acc was closed; while some one told me to setup payment for new location in the old acc.
3) i have to call again to resolve this issue spending hours.
4) i was asked to use new one, including their modem while i had my own.
5) i started using their modem then after 3 month while i gifted my modem and router to someone, they send me a letter that we are now going to charge you, while no one told me that earlier. and asked me to use their modem.

6) to resolve thsi bill issue i have to call them atleast 5 times.
7) i requested supervisor to call me but it didn't happen after on hold 3-4 times.
8) they can morph the online feedback option, if they couldn't resolve the issue you will never get automated call even after choosing that option.
9) today i am again tried but result is, i have to buy new modem and router and drop off their...... let see it will be resolve the issue or not.

nanahixon says: (4 years ago)
This is to say that you guy are awesome. Just as I was giving up hope and writing a nasty comment your tech Jay
rode in on his white horse and fix everything. Great job!
Thank you Jay did what 2 other techs failed to do. Give this guy a raise or a bonus or both.
S. Hixon

RockyByargeon says: (4 years ago)
I had Comcast in Houston back in 2012. In October 2012 I relocated and cancelled. After reading reviews on turning in equipment, I did as suggested. I called Comcast and the first person I talked to said they would send a pre labeled shipping box. After a month of waiting, I called again, this time was told they did not send pre labeled shipping boxes and I would be responsible for the box. In November, I shipped 3 receivers and the modem by registered mail. Approx 3 months later, a collection company called and said they were collecting for $725, the amount I had insured the recvrs and modem for, the value Comcast put on the equipment. I explained to them I had send the equipment back and sent it registered mail and had the receipt in hand. They apologized and never called again. About 7 months later, another collections company called and requested $725 again, I explained the same as I did to the previous company. About 1 month later again another call from the same collection company. I then called Comcast. The "representative" said they didn't get my equipment. When I told her I sent it registered mail and also insured it and it had been over a year, she put me on hold to "check". She did and informed me that they never received the modem. So the both collections companies are told to collect the entire amount, at first Comcast rep says they didn't receive any equipment, then they never got the modem..that doesn't do me any good without a Comcast account. She then told me she would investigate and another rep higher up would call me within 24 hrs since one minute no equipment and the next it was just the modem. I never hear back from Comcast. I did get another call from the collections agency..Credit Protection Agency. CPA has put a bad report on my credit score making quite an impact. I told the rep for that company the Comcast story and she gave me a fax number and reference number and said to send a copy of the registered mail receipt and they would take care of removing the bad report from my credit score....we'll see. Comcast sucks in my no time did they conctact takes an act of congress to find a number to call them. They got their damn equipment back...all three recievers and the modem...but they don't know what the hell they're doing in one minute no equipment and the next no modem yet they still try to collect the entire amount.

fdwalker87 says: (4 years ago)
I hate dealing with comcast its so stressful I am looking for a new company as I type... very poor customer service online and if you can ever get anyone on the phone its sad they should be shut down they never know what's going on never seen a company so messed up!

coughup says: (4 years ago)
On July 24, 2013, I was not able to access the internet. The online line was off. Contact comcast tech. She try to reset my modem remotely, but she was not able to. She think I have a bad modem. Next day, got a new modem. Hooked it up, and the new modem also do not have the online line on. This confirm it is with their network, and not my modem. Call them Comcast tech again. They still insist it was my modem. Try to remotely to reset my modem but was not able to. That night, I spoke with a guy that seems to be knowledgeable, but still fail to diagnose the problem is their network. After the 6 tech that night, this lady decide to send me a tech to the house. Next day, I put back my old modem. At 1pm, I turn on my modem and it started working. Call Comcast to cancel my tech as the problem is solved.
Weeks later, I receiced a bill with 3 Starter Kit charges, and they changed my 25M speed to 6M for the Performance Starter Internet. ask the rep what are all these charges, and why my plan got changed. She just reply your new modem trigger all these changes. She can't do anything as the techs did not document it was a network issue. What a bunch of idiots. Those lazy techs never document anything correctly. Goodby Comcast. You can kiss my A$$.

eml5270 says: (5 years ago)
I have the Xfinity Bundle Package at $199.99 a month for 2 years. I was promised a $250.00 gift card (I will never receive that because I was late 1 month). Comcast has now decided to remove the modem from the bundle pkg and now charges an additional $7.00 for the modem even thought it was part of the bundle pkg that was granted for 2 years. I am stuck now until August 2014. Whatever you do don't believe any of the sales people. There job is to reel you in.

danvillelady says: (5 years ago)
I recently switched from Comcast to mistake. It screwed up my phone, wireless and internet. I started the process to switch back to Comcast on 10/1/12. I was told it would take 15 days. I called Comcast on 10/15, I was told everything would be completed the next day. I called two days later and was told everything was complete and I could disconnect my Vonage modem. It turns out it was not complete, that they never started the process of porting my phone # over, and assigned me a random phone number. It took me two weeks of calling Vonage and Comcast to try and straighten this problem out. Vonage told me they had an open ticket with an escalation to port my # when Comcast requested it. Wrong again! They won't release it until 11/1. I stated this process on 10/1 and have been unable to receive incoming calls since 10/15. Hopefully on 11/1, this will be resolved when they say it will, but it is ridiculous that it is taking 30 days for this process, and that I have been unable to receive calls for 15 days! Comcast dropped the ball, but both companies had a hand in really bad service!

hisnher81 says: (5 years ago)
i'm have comcast xfinity and it really suck it like everyday some of my channels go out and never come back in if you call comcast they set you a appointment for other two or three day. really (i wish i would have kept direct tv)

doppyd says: (5 years ago)
I am FURIOUS with Comcast! When they cut the channels in my package I decided when I moved the end of March I would not stay with their services. I returned my equipment and received a statement indicating I was due $78.80 credit. I called several times to check on my refund and was told 7-8 weeks - we ABSOLUTELY owe the $78.80 and will send it out. What do you know - the amount has changed since I told them how horrible the service was and now I owe them $60+!!! What the heck?!?! So no bill has been sent to me with this amount, and they can change the billing so I owe them $? I can't say it enough...STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS! I am planning to review them everywhere and file an FTC report. HAD ENOUGH! Please save yourself the trouble and go to Direct TV. I am paying half what I paid with Scumcast and get 5 times as many channels - to top it off, when I call Direct TV with a question - they are (wait for it) polite! After dealing with nasty and uncaring customer drones at Comcast for so long it was like a breath of fresh air!
When Comcast originally came out to install the guy was rude and left damage - when Direct TV came out the guy took the time to ask questions, wore boot covers without being asked and spoke to me politely.

bmajor52 says: (6 years ago)
I have a Hugh complaint, last week I had a senior sale manager knock on my door with a trainee. I said I had Comcast but I got rid of it because of their prices. Well the senior sale manager said what do you have, I said You need to wave installation fee to start, 25mg per second he put it on the sales order. Then I said I need Limited Basic, expandable basic, Digital preferred and digital premium. Equipment needed was two hd boxes, one dvr, one wireless router and 2 remotes. All for 69.99 and no price increases for a year. Well installation date came yesterday. The work order only had 11mb per second on speed and the cable channels are only basic. I called my rep, and he said he would take care of it. well nothing was done I reached out to my salesman all day with no response.

llong says: (6 years ago)
I had the worst experience ever. The installer left trash in my house and yard. I got HD programing and the tech used a componet cabe instead of a HDMI cable. Therefore my 7.1 theather system would not work properly. I bought a HDMI CABLE. The surround sound worked like it should and the picture was alot better.
Also when tech left our wireless computer did not work. Called Comcast and they said the router I had was not compatabile.Had to order a router from Comcast four times before they would send it.Tech should of told me that our router was not compatable.
Then a week later they came to bury the cable they laid in my backyard. When they left they left the back gate open.Had to search the neighborhood for the dogs.
Then the cable box went out and was told it will take two or three days for a tech to come and fix it. Told Comcast that is too long. They said we can take the box to a local service center. Comcast gave me the address. When I arrived at the address it was a resturant.

lola94080 says: (6 years ago)
I think they charge to much,I don't understand why no one speaks English?I can't communicate.If I could communicate I would be happy.I am telling the truth.I cannot understand customer service.

kristinanguyen says: (6 years ago)
They may seem all about service, but they are really sketchy. If you want a good deal, you have to search hard for secret deals. And when you call in, be careful on the way you word things. Also, have the ad in front of you. They don't want to grant you cheap fast internet without trying to sway you into the plan of higher cost.

I just wish they were honest enough to lay the best deal on the table first. I hate calling them.

ellesunshinee says: (6 years ago)
their service is absolutely terrible.
the for a year straight, my cable and internet would go out at least three times a week, when i'd call all they would tell me is to unplug it and wait thirty seconds, they also withdrew money from my bank account without being authorized to do so. every week it was the same cable and internet out for about five hours at a time. then they kept saying it was maintenance, every single week? that would cause my services to go out? i got cut off from a video call with my husband while he was in iraq several times. their customer service was always rude, and when i asked to speak to a manager i got hung up on several times. they also charged me twice for a set up fee. comcast sucks

geoo954 says: (6 years ago)
Never buy this crappy cable. You might as well stick with the dish. Even if that means not being able to watch your favorite shows during rainy weather. Last night my cable was trouble shooting for hours. I pretty much missed every t.v. show i wanted to watch. Funny thing is, the weather was perfect outside. Also , customer service sucks. Alot of broken promises. I was promised a free cable installation from the technition due to the fact that the area i lived in had a special going on. Fair to say i never received any free instalation. It was just added to my first months bill. Thanks liars. Crappy cable, crappy customer service, crappy liars, crappy company. Go with direct t.v. or any other cable provider.

TardoComcasto says: (6 years ago)
Comcast is absolute garbage! If you have any alternative to actual high speed internet in your area go with them. Lets get the ball rolling with all the crap they have put me through. Signed up for a year service internet and cable for 69.99 a month. They input my social wrong requiring me to go to an actual office and provide photo id to prove who i am due to their error. installation took 2 weeks to finally show up. Internet speeds were garbage 3 techs had to come out to figure out the problem. there is another 3 weeks. After 6months they added 20 dollars to my bill saying i was not on a 12 month plan. They scheduled a supervisor to call me back in 48 to 72 hours. 6 business days later and after my bill is due i called them. they stated as to the fact that no notes were in the account for a 12 month deal that it must not have existed. I order 1 to 2 ufc events a month in HD. Those are 55 bucks. They were almost willing to lose my service over 20 bucks that shouldn't have been there in the first place. To get that resolved took 4 calls and a total of about 3 hours on the phone. Next my box just up and dies. I go in to an actual location for a swap, 23 people in line 1 person helping. I try to get an hd dvr they tell me they only have ones with component cable hook ups. I call and have one sent out to me. Told it would be there in 5 business days. 7 days later i call to find out he never actually placed the order but still charged me 10 shipping. Now I am watching tv and screen goes black I have audio but video is gone. a few minutes later blue screen comes up says I am not subscribed to those channels. I call Comcast the half tarded tech support has me do all the same things i have already done, unplug, turn off, turn on. He sends out signals to the box. Again i get audio but no video. He tells me to wait half hour HD video takes longer to load up. 5 minutes later blue screen is back saying i dont subscribe to those channels. I call them back again, this time the tech doesn't listen to a thing i am saying gets it all wrong. I repeat myself several times finally he understands. He has me go through the same routine as the last half a tard, and right now i am staring at a blue screen says i don't subscribe to these channels. Comcast has horrible customer care and even worse tech support. If I had verizon fios in my area i would drop comcast in half a heart beat. I hope whoever is in charge of tech and customer support finds as much aggravation in his personal life as he causes to all of us on this board. They are deplorable company that should suffer great financial loss in the near future. I wish them strife and anxiety in their life. In addition I have to wait until the sales team shows up to even argue my way into a credit. The amount of crap this company has put me through is ridiculous. I am the crazy person sending money every month, but have DSL as the only alternative for high speed internet which doesn't meet my needs. If you are just looking for TV do not go through comcast. If you are not internet intensive don't go through comcast. These people are soulless crooks who deserve what ever negative energy life can throw at them. I hope their stock goes through the floor and these executives wives cheat on them.

amysnowden82 says: (6 years ago)
Wow. I am increasingly surprised at how poor your customer service is. We pay s lot for on demand and 4/5 times it does not work. Each time I have to call and give the information to our account and get disconnected once or twice. Tonight it's been a 45 minute operation and now nothing works. Not only no on demand now, but no tv at all. I am continually frustrated by your representatives. Tonight, for example, I was put on hold for 17 minutes while she looked up my account. Then the call was disconnected, so I had to start from scratch. Looking up an account should not take 17 minutes. I am so tired of dealing with the CONSTANT on demand problems. Why should I pay for a service that works 20% of the time. Comcast really needs to get their s*#% together.

loneranger says: (6 years ago)
I am seriously UNIMPRESSED!!! Who do you all think you are? you offer deals that are not even through you?? OFFERWIRE? skip this scam all together!! almost 180 dollars later... still not satisfied.. oh and as far as follow up help from Comcast..non existent!

When I set up my account .. transferred to some other country call in center.. should have been my first clue! WHAT A JOKE!!

So far in this area.. cancelled with Clear, Sprint and now plan to do the same for COMCAST!! RIP me off I think NOT.. I have disputed and will continue to do so from now until eternity.. so good luck CHUMPS!!

Rainbow338 says: (7 years ago)
Service, technicians, and customer service except we are continually charged for adult movies that we do not order. I am repeatedly advised there is nothing they can do about the charges. My husband is disabled and cannot order movies.
Anyone else have this problem?

kmiller799 says: (7 years ago)
I called the comcast billing number today because I was being wrongly charged an extra $5 a month for a telephone modem that I DO NOT HAVE. I have the same cable internet modem that was installed by the tech in my apartment 2 and a half years ago (NOT AT MY REQUEST) I signed up for phone service less than a year ago and canceled it months ago because I never used it and still 4-5 months later I am paying the $5 charge for some telephone modem I don't have and the two incompetent people that I talked to said there was nothing they could do, so sorry and no one else I could talk to and they could "escalate it" and someone would call me. Not to mention that when I called an ordered my HD cable box, the sales person ASSURED me (I asked repeatedly) that there would be no charge, and there was a $10 shipping charge, which the "supervisor" said he could do nothing about. I would like someone to contact me promptly and resolve both of these issues or I will be cancelling my service and asking all of my friends, family members, coworkers, blog readers and anyone else who will listen to cancel their service as well and get the word out about the deceitful practices of Comcast.

mojo17 says: (8 years ago)
Comcast won't read this because they don't care!!! Like someone else said, if they were regulated by the government it might change. They gave us a window from 8-10, 6 days after moving and without cable. We had to call them at 10:30 to ask when they'll be here. 6 or 7 calls later after hearing, "a technician will call you shortly", we were told that we had rescheduled the following week. WE RESCHEDULED!!! LOL!!!! we finally had to talk to a supervisor and threaten to take all the equipment to the office and switch to AT&T to finally hear, "a technician and a supervisor will be there within the hour". Comcast, you truly do suck. You should learn customer service so you don't have people running around telling others not to buy your product. You could be doing so much more.

lmm55 says: (8 years ago)
Obviously Comcast doesnt care about the customer;I had a 3-5 window with a 30 minute call before ariving. Came home to find note on the door they had been and gone.this was after I confirmed the 30 minute "heads Up" call the same morning.I called customer service and was told if I would not cancel everything they would return that day.After waiting 3 hours called back and was told they were never scheduled to come back that day.Offered me a $20 credit,which was an insult,but I made another appt for 2 days later.Thoght about it and decided to call and cancel and was told my appt wasnt in 2 days but the next week.Total screw ups and accomplished liars,which they must have been trained to do.Big companies fall as well as small companies.We have a business and I have made it my mission to tell everyone who walks in our door about their terrible service.Eventually some thing has to "trickle" down the line if only a small dent.Bottom line COMCAST SUCKS!!!!!

Laddie says: (8 years ago)
Where is my rebate promised when I changed to Comcast?? Waiting and after calls, nobody can find the sent in info. I have called 3 times and get no results, if I don't receive this rebate in the next days I may cancel all!

MCPtz says: (8 years ago)
Three things already, just from signing up.
First off, my tv and internet does work. It's not like I'm paying for faulty equipment.
When I first called for TV+internet, the sales person offered me the most expensive package. I had to tell her precisely what I wanted, saved me 20$ a month. I expected this because good sales people always do this.
Second, I specifically only needed the tech to turn on the switch at our building. I can go pick up the box and modem at our local office. But NO, I had to be there during their ridiculous '2 hour' service window, which ended up 3 hours by the time the tech left. All the guy did was find the switch, turn it on, bring the box/modem up, and plug it in. I didn't need him to enter my residence. I am perfectly capable of plugging things in and checking they work. I even specifically asked if the tech can just flip the switch while I am at work, I will go get the boxes from a local office, and check the connection. No sir, no way, no how. Comcast has never heard the word 'yes'. It's just a scam to get 'installation fees'.
Third, I directly asked for a box with HDMI to both the telephone sales representative, and POINT BLANK I asked the tech if the box had an HDMI port. He DID NOT answer my question. I asked him again, 'Is there an HDMI port on this cable box?' He again did not answer. I looked for myself, there is no HDMI port, but fortunately, the DVI port and audio port worked, so I saved myself some hassle. But the entire hassle could have been avoided if they wanted to SERVE their customers.

Bad company, produces negative workers who only know how to say 'No' to their customers.
I do not need an "apology", I need customer service.

vnytgt says: (8 years ago)
I called, a rep told me I would get a good deal on...1st faster speed net then changed into bundle came up with price awhile later said "can I call you back, can't find code" ...OK...haaa knew it!! he did not call back... finally found out they were going to increase the monthly payment on my current bundle...from $122 to $130 WTF!! three reps said different! WTFOF..condo and apt residents got ripped off by COMCAST CABLE ...

Howard1 says: (9 years ago)
At 7:30am I had no inter-net service. Gold Stars to Ms. Enrique, No. 35341. I'll call her my Computer Angel. She had not just a beautiful disposition but she represents Comcast with wisdom and customer patience. God Bless Ms. Enrique. Please give her a gold star. Miss Criss

vparker09 says: (9 years ago)
I am pleased to say that the nonprofit I Chair is switching to Comcast.This is going to SAVE us at Disability Network Wayne County-Detroit.Over 100.00 a month.As a customer myself I am VERY PLEASED. thank YOU Vivian Parker

maresydoats says: (9 years ago)
From the time I got C'cast service 4 years ago it has been a nightmare. First I was somehow erroneously hooked up to 2 other people's tel lines! Like a party line and you couldn't call if someone else was using of the "users" though I was hacking into her line and threatened to call the FBI! This went on for days...and waiting for a "tech" to come took more days then he couldn't find the problem so it took MORE days to finally solve it! Asked for some kind of reimbursement for
those days I had to use my cell but no can do, I was told. Then, found out my "new" # was actually the previous # of a lady of the night....with almost a hundred messages "left" that I had to manually delete! (And still get calls at 2 am asking if I'm "working" tonight. Now, this latest glitch is that my TV (expensive on demand, premium service) has been off for 3 days and it's Christmas. Have tons of relatives, friends over, the kids want to watch something, I think what am I paying this for? I am looking for another service altogether. Crazy. And try sitting on the phone for 45 minutes while the taped message tells you how many good servics they offer and all the cool movies you CANNOT WATCH because the whole company is so incompetent.

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