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Comcast Reviews

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  • sucks

    I have been a long time customer and for me to write this is a shame. I had no where to live and placed my account on a seasonal hold. Comcast then called me last week to advise me they cancelled my service, and i owed them $379. I asked them why they didn't call me before they cancelled to give me the chance to have it transferred to a friends house.....they had no answer for that. They just told me to turn in the equipment and how much i owed. They were in no way willing to work with me. As if its my fault the housing market is the way it is and I have no home to have my service. I... More...
    tanyalilly's Picture   tanyalilly    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast dissatisfied customer!

    I am a new Comcast customer. I have had 2 installation dates and still have NO SERVICE. The first one was scheduled for a window of 10am to 12am NO ONE SHOWED UP OR CALLED! I then called the next day to reschedule and it was for a 1pm to 3pm window. AGAIN, NO ONE SHOWED UP! When i FINALLY got a rep on the line they had No Knowledge of my appointment yet scheduled me again. A week later! I am totally angry and dissatisfied with their service! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Stroker53's Picture   Stroker53    0 Comments   Comments
  • Constant Billing Issues

    The internet service I have through Comcast isn't too bad, however their billing and customer service is awful. So far I have been double billed multiple times by them for my service. Then I have to jump through hoops to get in contact with anyone there and get them to refund the money they double charged me for. I've also had them tell me my auto-pay wasn't working and I needed to pay directly and then had the auto-pay deduct money from me the next day. Every time they have taken extra money from me in error I have to fight with someone to get any sort of compensation off my... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    Ljohnson419's Picture   Ljohnson419    0 Comments   Comments
  • Difficult to deal with, lying representatives

    My father-in-law who lives 3 houses down the street from me has a basic cable plan through Comcast - only local channels, and pays around $15/month with all the taxes and fees. I contacted Comcast to get the same deal, and they repeatedly told me that not all accounts get the same deals and that limited basic cable was $37.95/month - that was the cheapest plan that I could get for TV. They also kept trying to push their internet/TV bundle deals on me even though I kept refusing. I got so fed up with the representatives that I stopped talking to them and looked at my options online... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Comcast constantly hangs up

    I had a scheduled appointment with COMCAST and had been speaking with them for four days, answering and returning calls. I told them from the beginning that my neighbor had cable worked on and my cable and internet went out around the same time. I spoke with them 20 minutes before the 3 hour window for my appointment closed, no problem. As soon as the time frame for my appointment ended COMCAST hung up on me at least 20 consecutive times. After verifying my account I would receive a recorded message stating my appoint had been missed and i was being transfered to a department manager... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Melissa1961's Picture   Melissa1961    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast service / cable and tv

    The company is the worst I have ever seen. I have the service with them since January 2013 and I have service issues at least 5 days in the week. The explanation: technical difficulties. The government should shut them down. I have online classes and my school depends on Internet service so frequently I have to go to Wi-fi areas to get connection like in third world country. I wonder in which century does Comcast CEO live? Does he know that in this century people use thing called Internet? More...
    (Cable TV)
    Katarina76's Picture   Katarina76    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast problem review

    Hi, I have had comcast since they came into the Manchester NH area. Till now it was fine. I get two letters cut off the right and left side of the screen. It makes it very un enjjoyable guessing what happening. When two weathermen are on talking on the right or left side cut in half. I had three repairman come and three different answers. I would very much appreciate some help with the problem. Nancy Caron More...
    (Cable TV)
    ncaron's Picture   ncaron    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast customer service

    Overall we have not been terribly unhappy with Comcast with the exception of the bill we received every month. $150.00+. We started by eliminating the phone service and switched to Magic Jack. That is $19.95 per year. So far So good. Next we switched to Direct Tv. Of course we got an introductory offer for one year. Even after the year we will save considerably. Oh with regard to comcast we did have trouble logging on to the internet. Sometimes it took five or six tries. The Direct Tv tech removed the splitter Comcast had on our line and what a difference. We are saving about $90... More...
    (Cable TV)
    hideeturner's Picture   hideeturner    2 Comments   Comments
  • comcast cable

    Dear sirs: We have been having alot of problems with the guide and have called many many times.This problem still happens every other day and we do everything we was told to do in the past.This is getting very aggrevating and tiresome.Can this problem be fixed or do we need to have another box... I'm being charged for a system that is not working properly I would appreciate any help that can be profided. Sherrie More...
    sherrie's Picture   sherrie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast custome service complaint

    i would like to lodge a complaint about the recent service ive received from comcast or lack thereof. sat april 4th lost internet for an entire day could not obtain a reason. tuesday april 7 lost tv service for over 1hour again could not reach a customer service person to discuss outage, cause and estimated time of resumptation. i belive all customers should receive a credit for the time lost with the service More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Horror Story

    I have been with Comcast for a long time & I a was actually shocked with there customer service skills and service period this evening 10/30/08 it all started around 4 p.m. my roommates Daughter called she is 14 yrs old and has been a missing & exploited child since 3 1/2 months ago her name is Samantha I had called numerous times because we we're getting a call from the state of Georgia from his Daughter calling collect & the phone calls would'nt come thru comcast was vary helpful helping me thru this but around 7:30 8:pm I spoke with a women at comcast Customer... More...
    (Cable TV)
    kimreich's Picture   kimreich    0 Comments   Comments
  • Comcast webmail problems

    Comcast got hacked this week and we all lost our webmail access. I still don't konw for sure if I even GOT all of the email I was supposed to get. This is not good when you run a company and need to hear from customers. I know it's the fault of the hackers but it is very frustrating. Please update security measures on your end Comcast! More...
    (Cable TV)
    soandso's Picture   soandso    3 Comments   Comments


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