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Comcast Complaint - Incompetent and unhelpful - Cable and Internet
Comcast Complaint

Comcast Complaint


Incompetent and unhelpful - Cable and Internet

I just disconnected my Comcast service and moved into a residence where service already existed. First of all, Comcast Equipment Recovery has called me 8 times to schedule a time to "pick up" my old equipment. I returned the equipment myself over 2 weeks ago. I have communicated this both to the Equipment Recovery division and to Comcast directly, and I even gave them my receipt number to verify this, and they still continue to call. Secondly, at my new residence, I simply needed a cable card for my Tivo box. I was first told that I could drive to a local office and pick this up. After wasting expensive gas to drive to this location, once I arrived they told me that the card must be installed by a technician. I then scheduled an appointment for this to occur. After waiting around for 6 hours, I was told that the technician did indeed come by and I did not answer the door. They then left a note on my door (which was the wrong address). I was then given another appointment but was told that this equipment may not even be available. I did finally receive a phone call on the appointment day that said they did manage to find the equipment and would be here to install. Two technicians came and installed the equipment but were unable to do so through my internet connection. They could not fix the problem and ended up using the phone line instead. Upon investigation, I discovered that the internet connection was not strong enough in that part of the home. I called Comcast to ask for assistance on this matter. I have an extra modem and wireless router that I could have easily used, but they said I would have to set up another account to be able to use this. So, once again they were not helpful at all. I ended up searching for help on the internet, and I discovered that by moving my modem and router 10 feet closer to my location, I received the signal that I needed. Now, after hours of trying, couldn't Comcast have simply suggested this solution over the phone rather than offer a nasty tone of voice and more service to fix my problem?

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KurtEdward says: (4 years ago)
I have been trying for 4 months to return my equipment via ARS (Authorized Return Shipment), and am still waiting on the label from them to stick on the box to return their lovely equipment. John Irwin is speaking to my phone representative and asking them to verify the information we've given to them multiple times. More horse****! I refuse to wait in God's waiting room for them at their service center, which averages a good 2.5 hour wait. One center to service multiple cities and rural areas is an absolute joke and outrage! Just so you know, I love DirecTv. Allegedly its being processed right now. My phone rep is waiting for the confirmation. Oh, goody, another number for me to write down until this approach epically fails then I get to journey back down the Yellowbrick road all over again. Conf #458747735. We will see.

Tomspeaks says: (8 years ago)
Same here. I was told to take my equipment to my new address. Then they tell me i shouldn't have. I guy calls me, comes and picks up the old accounts cable box, and I am being charged for it! I get letters from comcast collections stating I owe 368.00! I have called, and called, called. I still show a balance and every time i call they say it's taken care of". I knew comcast was bad, but man, what a disaster in customer service. They can't even account for their own actions. It's to the point where I am going to have to get my union lawyer to start bringing up harassment.

dstar826 says: (8 years ago)
I am currently having the same issue with the Comcast Equipment Recovery team. They continue to call about a DVR box we returned weeks ago and a modem that we never even had (we had our own and never even asked for one of theirs!). Comcast claims they don't know who these people are and just keeps "making notes" on our account in their system but the calls still continue. The Recovery team told my husband that they can see the memos but they refuse to look at them or even acknowledge that our account is totally current. We have the receipt showing we returned it and have even received an adjusted invoice from them showing that we owe nothing. I am at a loss and since nobody seems to know what's going on or who these people are, I have no idea what I can even do.

dstar826 says: (8 years ago)
I am having the same problem with the Equipment Recovery people. We turned in our box weeks ago, have a receipt to prove it and even received an adjusted invoice from Comcast showing we owe them nothing. We keep getting calls about picking up our box and modem (which we had our own and never even had one of theirs). They keep calling and Comcast is saying they don't even know who these people are or why they are still calling. They just keep putting "notes" on our account. I am at a total loss as to what we can do here...

SteveFTW says: (9 years ago)
Because 99/100 times if someone calls in already frustrated about an issue, it is easier for everyone to send out a tech and have them fix the problem. Most people calling in would not be happy being told to try other areas of the home. Being an RF issue, if simply moving the modem solved the problem, you will likely have more issues in the future. If I were you, I would still schedule another tech to come out - put the modem where it was right before they get their, and have them truly fix the issue.

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