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Comcast is absolute garbage! If you have any alternative to actual high speed internet in your area go with them. Lets get the ball rolling with all the crap they have put me through. Signed up for a year service internet and cable for 69.99 a month. They input my social wrong requiring me to go to an actual office and provide photo id to prove who i am due to their error. installation took 2 weeks to finally show up. Internet speeds were garbage 3 techs had to come out to figure out the problem. there is another 3 weeks. After 6months they added 20 dollars to my bill saying i was not on a 12 month plan. They scheduled a supervisor to call me back in 48 to 72 hours. 6 business days later and after my bill is due i called them. they stated as to the fact that no notes were in the account for a 12 month deal that it must not have existed. I order 1 to 2 ufc events a month in HD. Those are 55 bucks. They were almost willing to lose my service over 20 bucks that shouldn't have been there in the first place. To get that resolved took 4 calls and a total of about 3 hours on the phone. Next my box just up and dies. I go in to an actual location for a swap, 23 people in line 1 person helping. I try to get an hd dvr they tell me they only have ones with component cable hook ups. I call and have one sent out to me. Told it would be there in 5 business days. 7 days later i call to find out he never actually placed the order but still charged me 10 shipping. Now I am watching tv and screen goes black I have audio but video is gone. a few minutes later blue screen comes up says I am not subscribed to those channels. I call Comcast the half tarded tech support has me do all the same things i have already done, unplug, turn off, turn on. He sends out signals to the box. Again i get audio but no video. He tells me to wait half hour HD video takes longer to load up. 5 minutes later blue screen is back saying i dont subscribe to those channels. I call them back again, this time the tech doesn't listen to a thing i am saying gets it all wrong. I repeat myself several times finally he understands. He has me go through the same routine as the last half a tard, and right now i am staring at a blue screen says i don't subscribe to these channels. Comcast has horrible customer care and even worse tech support. If I had verizon fios in my area i would drop comcast in half a heart beat. I hope whoever is in charge of tech and customer support finds as much aggravation in his personal life as he causes to all of us on this board. They are deplorable company that should suffer great financial loss in the near future. I wish them strife and anxiety in their life. In addition I have to wait until the sales team shows up to even argue my way into a credit. The amount of crap this company has put me through is ridiculous. I am the crazy person sending money every month, but have DSL as the only alternative for high speed internet which doesn't meet my needs. If you are just looking for TV do not go through comcast. If you are not internet intensive don't go through comcast. These people are soulless crooks who deserve what ever negative energy life can throw at them. I hope their stock goes through the floor and these executives wives cheat on them.

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