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I had Comcast in Houston back in 2012. In October 2012 I relocated and cancelled. After reading reviews on turning in equipment, I did as suggested. I called Comcast and the first person I talked to said they would send a pre labeled shipping box. After a month of waiting, I called again, this time was told they did not send pre labeled shipping boxes and I would be responsible for the box. In November, I shipped 3 receivers and the modem by registered mail. Approx 3 months later, a collection company called and said they were collecting for $725, the amount I had insured the recvrs and modem for, the value Comcast put on the equipment. I explained to them I had send the equipment back and sent it registered mail and had the receipt in hand. They apologized and never called again. About 7 months later, another collections company called and requested $725 again, I explained the same as I did to the previous company. About 1 month later again another call from the same collection company. I then called Comcast. The "representative" said they didn't get my equipment. When I told her I sent it registered mail and also insured it and it had been over a year, she put me on hold to "check". She did and informed me that they never received the modem. So the both collections companies are told to collect the entire amount, at first Comcast rep says they didn't receive any equipment, then they never got the modem..that doesn't do me any good without a Comcast account. She then told me she would investigate and another rep higher up would call me within 24 hrs since one minute no equipment and the next it was just the modem. I never hear back from Comcast. I did get another call from the collections agency..Credit Protection Agency. CPA has put a bad report on my credit score making quite an impact. I told the rep for that company the Comcast story and she gave me a fax number and reference number and said to send a copy of the registered mail receipt and they would take care of removing the bad report from my credit score....we'll see. Comcast sucks in my no time did they conctact takes an act of congress to find a number to call them. They got their damn equipment back...all three recievers and the modem...but they don't know what the hell they're doing in one minute no equipment and the next no modem yet they still try to collect the entire amount.

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